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In order to achieve the objectives of OSAI there had been several programs organized from its inception from the experiences gained at the field level and also based on the local specific issues and needs. Currently the following activities are being carried out in Ariyalur,Perambalur and Cuddalore District.

Short Stay Home

OSAI has started to serve the destitute women in the year2004. With the support of Central Social Welfare Board through State Social Welfare Board we are running the program.


  • We provided temporary shelter service
  • Need based counselling given
  • Legal assistance
  • Linages with other resource organization
  • Vocational training
  • Skilled women are job placed.

Beneficiaries Details

01 April2004-March2005 12 55 67
02 April2005-March2006 10 62 72
03 April2006-March2007 15 75 90
04 April2007-March2008 16 85 101
05 April2008-March2009 15 114 129
06 April2009-March2010 15 77 92
07 April2010-March2011 15 75 90
08 April2011-March2012 20 93 113
            Total 118 636 754

Women are   the one of the minority community in the society. Whatever rights and needs they are supposed to get they do not get; in the case of destitute women the situation is not acceptable and tolerable. OSAI felt there is a need to give special focus on the destitute women welfare. For many reasons many women leave their home in order to get temporary shelter facilities.