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Pudhu Vahzivu

PudhuVaazhvu Project has been implemented in Ariyalur District from May 2012. One of the prime objectives of Government of Tamil Nadu is to alleviate poverty and to ensure inclusive growth.  Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Project is an important initiative in this program. The project is implemented in 2514 village Panchayats in 70 backward blocks.

In order to implement this program OSAI has taken two blocks of Ariyalur District and Perambalur District.

District’s Name Block’s Name Cluster of the Name No of the Panchayat SGF’s Name
Ariyalur Sendurai Sendurai 16 Velmurugan.D
Ariyalur Sendurai Irumbulikurichy 14 Elizebethvinnarasi.A
Perambalur Vapur Vapoor 18 Emayavarman.A
Perambalur Vapur AgaramSeegur 15 Saratha.A


  • To empower the poor by improving their livelihoods and reducing poverty by
  • Empower the target group for the better community.
  • To develop, strengthen pro-poor local institutions at the village level.


We are working for Differently abled, Tribal & Vulnerable people

Special Focus Ondifferently Abled

Empower and mainstream the differently abled and most vulnerable by proactively including them during social mobilization and institution building of the Project there by providing livelihood opportunities, quality of life and securing their dignity. The project has been able to reach the marginalized people like the differently abled, vulnerable and tribal and bring them into the mainstream. Apart from assisting differently abled SHGs, financial assistance also provided by the VPRCs to differently abled and vulnerable persons individually for starting livelihood activities. Some of the Project interventions are:  

  • Disability assessment.
  • National ID cards.
  • Aids and appliances.
  • Self-help groups for the differently abled.
  • Medical care.
  • Vocational skill Training.
  • Individual assistance for livelihoods.
  • Economic activity groups.
  • Old age Pension.
  • Insurance Scheme.

Achievement Table

01 Number of people identified 847
02 identity card received 322
03 Monthly Allowance 12
04 Tri cycle 08
05 Hearing aid 13
06 Walking streak 23
07 Referred to other resource center 1729