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OSAI felt that there is an immediate attention has to be given to children. In our operational areas majority children’s parents are daily wagers/ coolies – so they leave children at home without sending them to school. When we approach them to send children to school, we get the reply due to poverty they were not able to put children at school.

In order to avoid child rights violation- OSAI started crèche with the support of Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board (TNSWB) under Rajiv Gandhi crèche program. In the crèche two things are ensured one is to give quality education another one is to provide nutritious food hence children can enjoy their childhood.

Achivement Table

01 No  of crèche centers 06
02 Total no of  children in all centers 160
03 Average numbers of children per center 27
04 Total no. of crèche teachers / care takers 12
05 Villages where centers are located Keezhaneduvai, Pukuzhi, Sriraman, PeriyaKarukkai, Kuvagam (Andimadam Block) and Keezhamaligai in Senthurai Block.
06 Services offered Psychological care, Basic education, Nutritious noon meal, Periodical medical checkup, Recreational activities.

From our experience we learned that there is a vast need for crèche in many villages. Due to limited resources we are not able to reach out to many rural areas.