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Childline is a national 24-hour free phone emergency outreach service for children in need of care and protection and it aims to link children to short term and long term-services. With the support of Childline India Foundation, Chennai we started the program in Ariyalur on August 10, 2011.  Childine has vast partnership with various departments.


School Awareness

S.NO Name of the School Number of the School Total Students
1 Government School 22 Schools 9646
2 Private School 15 Schools 3828


S.NO Childline Awareness Total Members
01 Auto Drivers 143
02 SHG-  Members 378
03 Police personnel 30
04 Porters 231
05 Youth group members 40
06 Municipality  representatives 67
07 Open House- children 330
08 Government Office 79

The Ariyalur CHILDLINE made all its efforts to reach all kinds of people to get awareness about the toll free number for the children who seek help in times of difficulties and depression. There are various number of outreach program under taken by CHILDLINE example- 01 Door to Door campaign by distributing Childline hand bills, 02 pasting stickers in the lorry bus, auto. 03 CHILDLINE add in the daily newspapers. We also conducted Childline Advisory Board, Coordinator’s meeting, Open house for the monitoring system of the service.

Beneficaries At Glance

Total no of calls received -133

01 Medical support 02
02 Shelter facilities 03
03 Missing children compliant received 01
04 Drop out identified and supported to get back to school. 11
05 Restored back to home 04
                                    Total 21