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CAH (Community Action For Health) NRHM(National Rural Health Mission)

We have started the programin the year2005. With the support of ministry of health and family welfare we are rendering the service.We are working in 30 Panchayat of Andimadam Blockand covering 1, 17,749 people in this program.


  • Our social worker took Base line data in our operational Panchayat area.
  • Tools framed and implemented in the same area.
  • Village Nutrition Health Water Sanitation Committee(VNHWSC)formed.
  • Regular committee meeting conducted.
  • Rally and cultural program organized to sensitize the community.
  • Various training program organized for the Village Health Water and Sanitation Committee.
  • We monitor the government program specially health scheme.
  • Awareness program conducted about health.
  • Block level Federation meeting conducted once in three months.


  • In some of the villages are gettingregular immunization.
  • Water tank in the villages cleaned and displayed cleaning date on the water tank.
  • We got opportunity to be present in the ICDS meetings.
  • Public water service scheme strengthened modified.
  • Mini syntax tank built for the samePeriyathukurichyPanjachat
  • Adolescence girls are getting regularly iron tablets.
  • Primary Health Center is getting more staff.
  • Primary Health Center staff working hours made known to the public.
  • Government doctors are spending more time in their concerned hospital.
  • Primary Health Center is rendering 24 hours service to the people.
  • Networking among the Health system staffand Panjachatpresident