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About Us

ORGANISATION FOR SOCIAL ACTION AND IMPROVEMENT - (OSAI) was started in October 1994 to work with the Rural community of Sendurai and Andimadam Blocks of Perambalur District for their sustainable development. OSAI has been registered under Section 27 of Tamilnadu Registration Act 1975 by a team of likeminded individuals interested in rural Development and they were al drawn from varied disciplines.

OSAI is a Non Profit making voluntary organization working for the development of the marginalized and weaker sections of the community with their participation irrespective of caste, creed, religion and as discrimination.

OSAI believes in community based initiatives and people's centered programmes. It also believes in the integrated development with people participatory approach.


Name of the Organization
Address : 173,Sellan Street,
ANDIMADAM-625 801.
Perambalur District.
State : Tamilnadu
DIstrict : Perambalur
Block : Perambalur
Phone No.( with STD code : 04331-242831
Fax No. (if any) : --
Nearest Railway Station : .VRIDHACHALAM
Registration No. of the Organization : 132/1994.
Date of Registration : 17.10.1994.
Date of Renewal, if any : 19.07.2004.
Area of Operation : Perambalur and Cuddalore Dt.
Name of the Bank of Organization
: INDIAN BANK, Andimadam.
Account No : 573162775-SB A/c.
Name and Designation of Chief Funtionary: : T.SHANMUGAM, Secreatry,
Registered Under : Tamilnadu Societies Registration
Act of 1875
FCRA Details : Received.
Income tax Exemption : 80 G, 12A and PAN Card received.